How do you go about it if you want to work as a brand with a mum influencer (or mumfluencer)? You can, of course, collaborate with a few big names that have 50,000 to 100,000 followers, but there is a lot to be said for working with nano or micro influencers!

A collaboration with influential mum influencer can, due to the large number of followers they have, provide you with immediate and fast brand awareness. But there are a few snags. Brands are looking for real brand ambassadors who write credibly for their supporters, but personal contact is often difficult because they work through a manager. Moreover, there is a considerable price tag.

Authentic articles please

Nano influencers (up to 5,000 followers) and micro influencers (between 5,000 and 50,000 followers) not only look at the euros but are often passionate about what they do (blogging and instagrams) and very important: they make authentic articles. You can easily get in touch with them, build a bond with them, they are much cheaper and are also open for barter deals or: in exchange for a product they write an article.

Miriam Goudsmit ( and Fleur Veldkamp ( are the initiators of the blogger tour at the Negenmaandenbeurs in Amsterdam . Some 20 ‘smaller’ bloggers are connected to it. Miriam: ‘We take them with us, bring them into contact with brands and then they have to do it themselves. A blogger list is available for that purpose.

Advantages of working with small influencers

What are the advantages of working with smaller influencers, we asked her? ‘Especially the cost’, Miriam answers. There are great influencers and they have a wide reach, but I sometimes wonder how unique their content is. Smaller influencers write more from their own perspective, not only for commerce, and spend more time on it. It happens that press releases are taken over one-on-one by influencers, and that is what you pay for as a brand! If you want a brand that is written from an honest point of view, then you often end up with smaller parties. You can also make barter deals with smaller influencers more quickly. For example, a win action is always fun to do and automatically increases your reach. If it is purely about brand awareness, you might as well work with small parties. Once it is on the Internet, it will spread by itself. When it comes to link building and short-term work, it is better to look at the big influencers’.

What kind of collaborations are there?

‘The collaborations include the purchase of advertorials, banners and barter deals. It is also about what a customer wants. In a long-term relationship you can ask faster if someone wants to write something about a product of 15 euros, than when it is a one-time thing’, says Miriam. Fleur and I strarted our blogging experience, just because we like it, we do it alongside our work. We hear from companies that you can also read that in our articles.’

A blogger will be added every week, how do you choose from the large amount of blogging mothers? ‘It is best for companies to contact us for this. We refer companies free of charge. In our mamablogger world, everyone knows each other. Always look beyond the numbers, read old articles and ask yourself: is this a writer in which you can find yourself as a brand? Also look at the language use, unfortunately there are also bloggers who write Dutch badly.’

Watch out: new media law on the way!

According to experts, bloggers, vloggers and Instagram users are helping to spread surreptitious advertising en masse via YouTube and Instagram. The rules of the Dutch Advertising Code Authority are therefore exceeded. Advertisers should oblige influencers to adhere to the Dutch Advertising Code, but many companies fail to do so. As a result, it is often not clear whether influencers are paid or not. That is why a campaign for clearly recognizable marketing of influencers will soon start in The Netherlands. A new media law will be introduced in The Netherlands that will tackle this surreptitious advertising. In case of violation, a fine will be handed out. Strangely enough, the law only applies to YouTube and not to Instagram.