Get introduced in the babymarket

Are you looking for someone whow knows the baby market inside and out? I will be happy to give you tailored advice about this special, innovative and ever-changing baby market!

Launching a new brand in Benelux?
Need assistance with branding your product?

Whether this is about launching a new brand, branding a product towards specialist retailers or consumers, or gathering information about retailers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, I can be of help.

Who am I?

I have over 20 years of experience operating in the babymarket as publisher and chief editor of the only and well known tradejournal BabyWereld which is distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, at maternity organisations and at respectable fairs. Over the years I managed to build a large social network and am familiar with all brands and products and give advise to companies in The Netherlands and abroad.

I am also the founder of the Baby Innovation Award election for Netherlands and Belgium, an important annual event and a diving board for new products and brands. Moreover, I am a member of the Baby Care Magazines International, an association of the international trade press in the babymarket, and was a jurymember for the Baby Innovation Award held by Kind+ Jugend in Cologne, Germany where I was chairman of this organisation for 6 years.

Furthermore, I am blogging about babytrends, products and fairs on the BabyTrendWatcher blog.

Happy to help you, get in touch with me!

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