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Welkom op BabyStuf.nl! Carola is babyproducten- deskundige, babytrend- watcher, oprichter van BabyStuf.nl en organisator van de Baby Innovation Award verkiezing.
27 08, 2019

Trends in baby and child’s rooms

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Parents often spend lots of time and money on their own living environment. However, a baby or child’s room might deserve even more attention, since the spent amount of time in it is so big. Of course, it has to become a room in which a child feels good and is able to grow, [...]

27 07, 2019

The future of baby feeding

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What does the future bring us on the subject of feeding babies and children? The developments are coming fast, so let’s shine a light on products that are marketable or in their concept phase. One thing is for sure: nothing can replace the breastfeeding mother, but more and more products that approach this way of [...]