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Welkom op BabyStuf.nl! Carola is babyproducten- deskundige, babytrend- watcher, oprichter van BabyStuf.nl en organisator van de Baby Innovation Award verkiezing.
20 10, 2019

How to reach the millennial mum? Part 1

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How to reach the millennial mum? And in which stroller does she prefer to transport her children? Millennials no longer feel attracted to traditional marketing and advertising. But what is the cause of this? What are they guided by in their buying behaviour and what do they consider important when they make [...]

27 08, 2019

Trends in baby and child’s rooms

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Parents often spend lots of time and money on their own living environment. However, a baby or child’s room might deserve even more attention, since the spent amount of time in it is so big. Of course, it has to become a room in which a child feels good and is able to grow, [...]

27 07, 2019

The future of baby feeding

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What does the future bring us on the subject of feeding babies and children? The developments are coming fast, so let’s shine a light on products that are marketable or in their concept phase. One thing is for sure: nothing can replace the breastfeeding mother, but more and more products that approach this way of [...]