Parents often spend lots of time and money on their own living environment. However, a baby or child’s room might deserve even more attention, since the spent amount of time in it is so big. Of course, it has to become a room in which a child feels good and is able to grow, day after day. We wave the Scandi and industrial look goodbye, and we are up for a couple of new trends. According to baby trendwatcher Carola Siksma-Ruiters from BabyWereld, these are the following:

Boho and Tribal

In the boho or bohemian style, we recognise influences from cultures from all around the world. Slightly casual but also extravagant. Little is white in these rooms, but there is a unique composition of styles and colours. This theme is perfect for turning a baby room into one big exploration trip. Make use of rich and warm gemstone colours, such as dark blue, ochre, and burgundy. Do not apply too much in the baby room, a tiny bit of sapphire blue or emerald green is sufficient and perfectly combines with a pastel shade like pink. Finish this off with a wall with big flower prints, a sweet mobile, elegant bed canopy, and a vintage rug.

Mother earth

Often seen in the interior nowadays: nature stones like marble, granite, terrazzo, but also clay. Perhaps a bit intense in a child’s room, but many lookalikes also exist. The colour palette from the canyon fits with this, which consists of all colours of Mother Earth including sand, pink, orange, up to deep dark red shades. These colours beautifully combine with nutty, green, grey, and white shades. Making sure that these rooms will have a calming effect on the children playing, sleeping, and later on studying here. According to Flexa, the colour of the year is Spiced Honey. This herbaceous, honey-brown colour excellently fits in here!

Durable vintage

How appropriate is it to also decorate a baby room that is as pure and durable as possible at the beginning of a new life? For this trend, parents also choose for natural materials in terms of furniture and accessories. Think of rattan, willow, seagrass, light or darker wood types. Combine these with natural substances like linen, jute, wool, and organic cotton. Also consider velour, a luxurious substance that is going through a revival and can be processed in a plaid, pillow, or other accessory. Woven substances are also reintegrating in the interior as the covers of little chairs or special tapestries. Top the little room off with rattan chairs, a cradle, or a doll pram. Colours: all naturals combined with green shades and pastel shades.


A good design is about form and function. For parents who love design, lots of beautiful and special pieces of furniture that can easily qualify for a design award can be found. Such as a little chair in the form of a saddle of Masahiko lto. It helps to bring children in the right position, and this position also allows them to concentrate better. No bold colours, but clear colours that combine well with white, light-grey, or naturally coloured furniture pieces. Geometrically painted walls in a couple of speaking colours finish off the design room, for a quick and original effect and less expensive than a wallpaper!

Trend colour 2019 of Pantone: Living Coral

This colour can be used as an accent colour for diverse themes. With design, it becomes a cheerful accent colour, but it also perfectly fits with a baby room that is equipped with natural shades of Mother Earth for a calmer appearance.

Trend colour 2019 of Histor: Quiet Clearing

An elegant, deep green shade that causes an earthy and wealthy feeling. The green colour brings nature back into the house and has a calming effect.

Trend colour 2019 of Flexa: Spiced Honey

A warm amber shade, like the colour of nuts and honey. Spiced honey can be calming, cosy, or lively depending on the palette you combine it with.

A stylist’s opinion:

Dark colours in the baby room

Mirjam Gesink works as a stylist for the children furniture and accessories brand Coming Kids, Kids Depot, and Stapelgoed. She says: ‘baby rooms have lost their urge to be sweet and full of pastel colours a long time ago, they can nowadays be stylish and tough. Even black is allowed in the baby room, like the black dresser Bliss from our collection, beautiful in combination with terra tints that in turn match well with the cognac leather handgrips. Baby room Hoy also fits this theme well; a stylish dark wood baby room, with a trendy honeycomb pattern in the fronts. The rich colour and materials, such as brushed dark bronze-coloured handgrips and a brass-coloured bed provide a luxurious appearance. Beautiful in combination with the colour ‘Quiet Clearing’; a dark deep green trend colour of 2019, according to Histor.’

Jungle animals & birds

There’s also news on the subject of accessories: ‘Children and animals always make a good combination’, Mirjam says. ‘So we can happily bring these back into the baby room. Think of tough metal hooks in the form of a giraffe, elephant, or lion, or a nice soft rug in the form of a crocodile. We will also see lots of birds this year, in the form of felt bird houses on the wall or a hanging lamp in the form of a birdcage!’


According to Mirjam velvet or velour has also made its return. ‘You see it everywhere. Not just in the interior, but also in the baby room. This substance can be processed in beds, baskets, box cloths, and lamps. Lovely, soft, and fuzzy.’