How to reach the millennial mum? And in which stroller does she prefer to transport her children? Millennials no longer feel attracted to traditional marketing and advertising. But what is the cause of this? What are they guided by in their buying behaviour and what do they consider important when they make one of the most important purchases, a stroller for example!

The Netherlands has more than 3 million millennials. They have a clear position in the labour market and a great influence on education, work, media and marketing. Millennials buy less, but when they buy they do so consciously, according to an American research by KRC Research. It is their answer to the buying behaviour of recent years in which overconsumption is central. For this research a thousand millennials, also called generation Y, were interviewed. They are people born between 1980 and 2000, now between 19 and 39 years old. They were questioned about the purchase of shoes, bags, clothing and jewellery. No less than 89% of those surveyed said they would rather buy authentic products than fake ones, especially in the luxury segment. Quality is also important, 94% say they prefer a luxury product to several other products with a lower value. If millennials do not agree with the way a manufacturer works, they have the power to deliberately not buy a product or to ‘buycot’ it.

Millennials prefer to communicate online rather than face-to-face

Millennials grew up with a smartphone or tablet in their hands. Instead of face-to-face conversations, they prefer to communicate online. Therefore, possible orientation and shopping are done online. So it is important to invest in digital content that shows what you have to offer as a brand and product.

Experiences are more important than material things

But despite the fact that there is a lot to choose from and that millennials can be physically and online present all over the world, this target group is also searching. Instead of a full-time job, a permanent address with financial obligations, they find other things more important such as happiness, passion, diversity, sharing and discovery. This is the conclusion of CEB Iconoculture, researcher of this consumer behaviour. Millennials are mainly concerned with what they want to get out of life, experiences are more important than material matters. Fixed values and certainties are particularly found in their friendships, family and certain brands.

Single households and small families

The number of singles in the European Union is increasing, families are shrinking and that means that housing is becoming scarcer. Experiments have already been conducted with new construction projects in which different households can make use of shared areas such as the garden, guest room and play area.

Marketing tips to reach millennials

    • Repetition in the form of cross-channel. The power of repetition of advertising still works well for this target group as well, but in a different, varying form. This is called cross-channel marketing. So alternate a mailing with a social media post and a blog.
    • Provide reliable information. Millennials can find anything anywhere, so do not try to fool them. Provide an authentic message without fuss. Use honest and useful information.
    • Offer unique customer experiences. Whether physical or online: millennials are simply looking for unique customer experiences. Try to find out what their preferences are and create a personal message.
    • Create a dialogue. One-way traffic doesn’t work for millennials. Talk to them and help them to choose. Create a bond with your brand by involving them in your brand and production process.
    • An image is worth more than a 1000 words. Millennials feel attracted by beautiful images and less by text. Take care of your image and focus on creativity, a positive message and humour.

Small research among Dutch stroller brands

We conducted a small research into the baby market and formulated the following question: which stroller appeals to the millennial mum?

Judith van Sambeek van Dorel

Our studies show that the Millennial Mum is looking for a different type of stroller. They usually live in the city, have a busy life and do not want to compromise when a child comes. This mum wants it all. She wants a stroller with a nice appearance, comfort, maneuverability and enough space for the groceries she gets from the supermarket around the corner. The Millennial Mum is sporty and still as stylish as ever. This includes a beautiful stroller with rich, temperature-regulating fabrics in ‘edgy’ colours. There is also a demand for a stroller that transforms with the growth of the family.

Marcel de Visser of Thule Group

The Millennial Mum is investigating carefully what suits her. She cannot be pigeon-holed, so the wishes are also very diverse. What often recurs is safety, quality and sustainability. We are a Swedish brand and here quality and safety are extremely important; our products are without exception of high quality and our internal safety tests are heavier than any law requires. We notice that this, combined with the comfort for parent and child, is greatly appreciated. Users share this information on social media and this information is then found in places where the Millennium Mum gathers her information. Sustainability is also considered important. The consumer already assumes this, so a good explanation will only make the decision to buy easier.

Lousanne Shep van Joolz

Today’s parents are looking for a stroller that is not only ergonomic and safe, but also qualitative and durable. It would be nice if the stroller would last a long time or if it could be passed on. Joolz also believes in this and gives Lifetime Warranty on the latest strollers and now also has reflective elements in the fabric, for example. This is very much appreciated. We also see that more and more people are opting for a sustainable fabric. Thinking constructively about the future, that is what we think parents care about. There is also a clear demand for original and beautifully designed strollers. On the Joolz website you will find a configurator where you can design your own ‘taylor made’ stroller.’

Maike Korteweg of UPPAbaby (Jamak)

Actually, all USPs of UPPA babies address the Millennial Mum. The stroller should look hip and modern but at the same time be very easy to use. Our stroller is very easy to fold, we do not think there is one that folds more easily. The XL shopping basket also plays an important role in the purchase process. A young mother understands very well how much she has to carry with her, especially when the family expands. But the most important thing is that the stroller evolves with the family. It is a sustainable mono stroller but in no time at all to expand into a duo or twin stroller and back again. We also see that consumers choose more consciously. “Millennials are looking to the future and which stroller is easier when a second or third child comes.

Nausikaä van der Leest of EasyWalker

For the Millennial Mum, the quality and look of a stroller is particularly important. The stroller must be sturdy and comfortable. And, because on average, they live in smaller housing than the generation before them, the compactness of the (folded) stroller plays a role. We also see an increasing demand for strollers with larger, ‘all-terrain’ wheels in the Dutch, German and Scandinavian markets. At the same time, a lot of attention is paid to the travelling convenience of the product. Think of buggies with trolley function, cabin-size buggies, lightweight strollers, etc. Other trends that strike us are: collaborations with fashion designers and more frivolous, more special fabric designs. From other markets, there seems to be interest in new business models around ‘pay per use’, such as leasing and a subscription form.

Andrea Staring of Recaro, BabyZen and Doona (CnerJ)

Small, smaller, the smallest. Parents especially want their stroller not to be too big and foldable in a compact way. Not only because young parents travel a lot, but also because they prefer to use public transport because of the environment. Ergonomics is also important for parents and children, as well as self explaining, intuitive products that are easy to use. Sustainability is also a trend, but it has not really penetrated the rolling stock yet. In addition, it is a must that the stroller looks trendy and stylish.